Personal Stories from the Macafem Community

 April 9, 2020


I have been using Macafem for more than 5 years. Since menopause I looked for something to calm the "not settled edgy feeling" that I had with no explanation. Macafem is wonderful and I love that it is all natural, I take one pill in the morning and one at night and find that it calms down the unexplainable anxiety that I felt. Please

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 April 3, 2020

Am doing so much better with symptoms as a result of pre-menopause. Thank you

 February 20, 2020


After taking Macafem for a year I tried not taking it one month and I noticed the difference immediately I was highly depressed six days after I started taking it again I felt like my old self

 January 11, 2020

I love this product! It has helped to ease menopause symptoms. I recommend it to all of my friends.

 November 4, 2019

Macafem has made me feel wonderful.

 October 31, 2019

I took this a while back and shouldn't of stopped. It helped me alot with what I was going through and hoping once I start it again I will start to feel better.

 October 24, 2019

Macafem has made the menopause an easy experience for me

 October 19, 2019

 Brain fog, Energy levels, Irritability, Mood swings

I was skeptical after having a partial hysterectomy, but I took this product, It seemed I was breezing through, until I ran out, oh boy not good, I was angry without knowing why, I was often feeling down without energy, tension was staying in my neck and shoulders all the time and just an overall feeling of blah, I have now re-ordered and

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 September 29, 2019

I’ve been taking Macafem for about 10 years off and on, I started when I was 43 and now I’m 53, when I tried other brands of maca I ended up not feeling as good and balanced as I felt when I take Macafem. I highly recommend this brand. I don’t usually leave a written review unless I believe in it. I like that it’s all natural with no added

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 September 13, 2019


I found this product on the tail end of menopause. Still had some symptoms of bloating and pain on my lower left side due to constipation during mid cycle. I bought 2 bottles to try and on my reorder of 3 bottles. I believe this has helped so please give it a try. I wished i would have found this 3 years earlier.