Personal Stories from the Macafem Community

 April 20, 2021

Upon reviewing the reviews of this product, I was very much so inspired as to how Macafem has helped them. I am 57, post menopausal and still experiencing the night sweats, sometimes brain fog, mood swings, headaches - name it and most likely I have it. In addition, Macafem has improved and gave me relief - made a difference in my well

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 April 5, 2021

Macafem relieves symptoms almost immediately!

 March 9, 2021

 Energy levels, Hot flashes, Mood swings, Night sweats

Been taking for about 2 weeks now. Hot flashes and night sweats are better, maybe 5 in 24hrs, and they don't last as long. Sleeping is still a big issue with me. My mood seems better, and I do have more energy. Hoping my sleep improves now.

 February 11, 2021

Macafem has really help me fight problems associated with menopause. I would highly recommend this product.

 January 13, 2021

 Night sweats

I've been using Macafem for the past 5 years, and throughout that period of time, I've experienced a total of 5 night sweats, which equals about 1 night sweat per year. Before Macafem, I used to experience night sweats several times every month. Macafem has been a true blessing for me.

 December 15, 2020

My menopause symptoms have been drastically reduced since I began taking Macafem years ago. Such a blessing!

 November 20, 2020

 Sleep disorders

Worked for Severe Insomnia. I am a 73 yr old female and have battled with menopausal and post menopausal symptoms. The worst was severe insomnia which I suffered from for the last 25 years. I didn't think Macafem would help but, in desperation, I also gave this one a try. I did sleep somewhat better after 1 day, better the next and much

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 October 26, 2020

 Hot flashes, Mood swings, Sleep disorders

I recommend Macafem as a natural way to aid the bodies hormonal balance. I tried it for a month and I noticed a significant change within the first flashes and sleeping issues reduced and my general mood is more NORMAL. I am ordering a 3 month supply! Thank you Macafem.

 October 16, 2020

 Energy levels

I can definitely tell a difference since taking for one month! I have more energy and decreased anxiety! This stuff makes such a big difference!!

 September 28, 2020

 Headaches, Hot flashes, Mood swings, Night sweats, Sleep disorders

I have been taking Macafem for about 5 years now. My doctor had offered me HRT, but I really didn't want to go that route. Macafem has been a lifesaver! I wasn't sleeping due to hot flashes and that somewhat "edgy" feeling, where you just can't settle down, and leg aches. I was getting migraines often, and was extremely moody with no

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