Personal Stories from the Macafem Community


Tried Macafem about 10 years ago, took it on and off, more as my perimenopause symptoms got worse, I wasn't truly convinced Macafem made a difference until I stopped taking it for a few months then returned, symptoms pretty much went away especially during the week before and during my regular period when I had it. I tested it once again

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Upon reviewing the reviews of this product, I was very much so inspired as to how Macafem has helped them. I am 57, post menopausal and still experiencing the night sweats, sometimes brain fog, mood swings, headaches - name it and most likely I have it. In addition, Macafem has improved and gave me relief - made a difference in my well

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 November 2, 2023

 Bloating, Hot flashes, Night sweats

Hot flashes, night sweats and bloating are much less than before I started taking Macafem.

 October 19, 2023

 Irregular periods

I have had trouble with fibroid tumors. My last resort was surgery, but with costs as high as they are even with insurance, I could not afford it nor was I sure I wanted to go through with that anyway. Macafem has been a blessing. I have not had trouble with the severe bleeding I was having, sometimes for a month at a time and at alarming

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 October 12, 2023

Macafem made a huge difference in my health and greatly minimized my menopause symptoms. I nicknamed it my "happy pill".

 September 8, 2023

 Fatigue, Joint pain

I am getting towards the end of menopause, but started to have the same issues I did at the beginning. At that time, several years ago, Macafem helped so much with the joint pain and fatigue and especially the pain between my shoulder blades. So when those symptoms returned, I first tried a natural HRT recommended by my doctor. MISTAKE!

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 June 5, 2023

 Fatigue, Hot flashes, Mood swings

Macafem has helped me so much with hot flashes, mood swings and less fatigue. I have been on this product for a few years and it still works great!

 June 2, 2023


Found this years ago when going through major depression from menopause. Worked like a charm! Took it for 6 months or so & was fine afterwards, but recently started feeling overwhelmed again with life situations. Pulled out my old bottle with some left in it, & within 3 days of taking it, the cloud lifted! Amazing stuff, at least

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 March 27, 2023

 Hot flashes, Night sweats

Macafem has been a game changer for me. Since using Macafem for 7 mos I no longer suffer from insomnia, hot flashes and night sweats; less brain fog. I started out taking 3 tablets/day I noticed increased appetite so I reduced to 1 tablet/day 5 days a week and 2 tablets/day 2 days a week. Works like a charm. Grateful to God that this

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 January 2, 2023

 Hot flashes, Vaginal dryness

I started taking Macafem in Feb 2022. It has helped both the hot flashes and vaginal dryness. I am so glad I found this pill on line. I was taking two in the morning and one at night. I now take one pill and the morning and one at night and is working great. I still have a hot flash once in a while but nothing like before. Best of all the

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 December 19, 2022

Not through my very 1st bottle yet, but, feeling like less belly fat, appetite decreased, mood stabilizing, hair and skin feel less dried out . It appears to be making my hormones live in harmony again. Very excited and just ordered 3 more bottles!! Praying 🙏 that the benefits continue to improve!

 August 15, 2022

 Hair loss, Hot flashes, Sleep disorders

It works well for me, so much so that I eventually feel so normal and think I no longer need it! Then I stop for a while and come to realize how much I do need it! It helps me with cognitive function, hot flashes, sleep and, most of all, hair loss!