The most common type of breast pain is cyclical, meaning it occurs regularly with menstruation. Noncyclical breast pain, on the other hand, is caused by injury or infection, but in these cases, it’s naturally clearer why the pain is happening. Because irregular periods are common during the menopause transition, breast pain during this time may not seem to occur cyclically, but it is the most frequently-experienced type.

Quick facts on breast pain:

  • Cyclical breast pain is most common in women ages 35 – 45, though it is not exclusive to this age group.
  • Breast pain is common in women taking hormone replacement therapy.
  • Aerobic exercise can help decrease breast pain.

What Causes Breast Pain during Menopause?

Fluctuations in estrogen and progesterone levels are the main cause of breast pain during menopause. These fluctuations happen naturally as the body gradually winds down the menstrual cycle, leading up to a woman’s last period. Those with breast pain also tend to have heightened levels of prolactin, the hormone that stimulates the production of breast milk. These hormonal imbalances can result in pain, tenderness, and palpable swelling.

What Triggers Breast Pain?

When hormone levels are out of balance, certain triggers are more likely to induce breast pain. In some cases, they may be the sole contributor. While these triggers may vary from woman to woman, the most common ones include:

  • Poorly-fitted bras, as well as those with an irritating underwire
  • Some medications, such as oxymetholone, chlorpromazine, diuretics, digitalis, methyldopa, and spironolactone
  • Activities that strain the pectoralis muscle, like raking and shoveling

How Macafem Relieves Breast Pain

Macafem naturally balances hormone levels through the action of its beneficial alkaloids. These unique alkaloids, along with the supplement’s essential micronutrients, stimulate the hormonal glands. This nourishment helps the glands produce hormones at balanced levels, whether the body needs more of one hormone or less of another.

Macafem does not contain any phytoestrogens or other hormones. Instead, with the support of Macafem, the body produces the needed hormones naturally, whether that be estrogen, progesterone, prolactin, or other hormones.

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Breast Pain FAQs

1. Are there home remedies for breast pain?

Yes, cyclical breast pain can often be alleviated with home remedies. It’s important to have the breasts be supported with a well-fitting bra. Using hot or cold compresses can also help. Exercise and flaxseed consumption have also been shown to reduce breast pain.

2. Do caffeine and fat impact breast pain?

Although it is often recommended, consuming a diet low in fat and caffeine does not seem to help relieve breast pain. However, they may trigger breast pain in some women. It’s a good idea to keep a record of when you experience breast pain, any activities you were doing, and your recent meals in order to identify your personal triggers. Women who experience breast pain in correlation with caffeine and fat intake may wish to gradually eliminate these substances from their diet. However, it may take six months or more after implementing these dietary changes for a reduction in breast pain to be felt.

3. Is breast pain a sign of breast cancer?

Breast pain is only very, very rarely a symptom of cancer. In fact, most women with breast cancer do not experience breast pain. The most common cause of breast pain is hormonal fluctuations.

4. Is non-cyclical breast pain a concern during menopause?

Non-cyclical breast pain may occur at any time in an adult woman’s life, regardless of her reproductive stage. Infections that cause pain are most commonly experienced by breastfeeding women. Tissue, cartilage, muscle, and vertebral joint inflammation can also result in non-cyclical breast pain.

5. Should I see a doctor about breast pain?

Many women who experience breast pain would like to see their physician for peace of mind. You should schedule an appointment if you have non-cyclical breast pain, pain localized to one spot, nipple discharge, a lump that persists even after your period is over for the month, fever, redness, or breast hardness.

6. How should Macafem be taken to relieve breast pain?

Three Macafem tablets are typically taken in the morning with breakfast. However, this dosage can vary from one to six tablets daily depending on the severity of the pain and the body’s response to the supplement. If pain does not subside within one month, the standard dosage can be doubled to six tablets a day.

Other Menopause Symptoms

Women may experience many different symptoms during menopause alongside breast pain, but they can all be traced to the same source: hormonal imbalance. Therefore, Macafem can help relieve the following symptoms: