Many women in perimenopause report having mood swings, and they’re more common before menopause than after. With mood swings, joy and excitement can suddenly turn into unexplained tears or excessive anger. The changes in mood are typically abrupt and not very long-lived.

What Defines Mood Swings

Mood swings are different from depression and anxiety.

  • Depression is considered two weeks or more of consistently low mood. Mood swings involve less severe lows and highs.
  • Anxiety consists of intense feelings of dread or worry. These feelings are usually not part of mood swings, and if they are, they come and go quickly.
  • While mood swings often include anger and irritability, they do not spark physical violence. Rage that leads to physical violence should be immediately treated by a healthcare professional.

What Causes Mood Swings?

Hormonal fluctuations during menopause make women more susceptible to rapid changes in mood, similar to how the hormonal changes during premenstrual syndrome (PMS) can bring on mood swings. While the exact causes are not fully understood, it is known that estrogen interacts with the neurotransmitter serotonin, which regulates mood.

Estrogen levels naturally fluctuate during the menopause transition as the body prepares to stop menstruating permanently. These changes in estrogen also affect serotonin, which can result in mood swings.

Mood Swing Triggers

Mood swings can be hard to predict, as hormonal fluctuations are internal and go by unfelt until they manifest as menopause symptoms. Some internal and external factors, however, can trigger mood swing symptoms.

  • Emotional situations
  • Excessive caffeine or alcohol intake
  • Hot flashes
  • Stress
  • Hunger

How Macafem Relieves Mood Swings

Macafem is an all-natural supplement that brings balance to the hormonal system. When estrogen levels are regulated, serotonin levels typically follow suit. This supplement does not contain any hormones, but rather touts essential nutrients and unique alkaloids that nourish the hormonal glands. With this support, the glands can then produce hormones at balanced levels, providing what the body needs. This safe and effective supplement not only alleviates mood swings, but also the other symptoms of menopause, promoting overall well-being.

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Mood Swings FAQs

1. When do women start having mood swings?

While not all women experience mood swings, many have episodes as part of PMS every month with their periods. During the menopause transition, mood swings are most common in perimenopause, or the years leading up to a woman’s final period. Most women enter perimenopause around their mid-forties.

2. Are mood swings the same as depression?

Although mood swings may include lows and sadness, they are not the same as depression. Depression is characterized by consistently low moods and lethargy that last two straight weeks or more.

3. Do mood swings require medical attention?

Normally, mild to moderate mood swings can be managed with healthy lifestyle changes and relaxation techniques. However, if a woman is having any doubts about her health, it is recommended she see a physician, especially if she has had depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder in the past.

4. What lifestyle changes help with mood swings?

It’s important to get enough sleep – at least seven hours a night. Relaxation techniques like breathing exercises, yoga, and meditation can also help regulate mood. Yoga also doubles as a form of exercise, and it’s important to be physically active at least 150 minutes a week. Joining a menopause support group is a great way to connect to other women and share experiences.

5. How should Macafem be taken to balance mood?

Macafem is generally free of side effects, and the dosage is easily adjustable. The recommended dose is three tablets a day with breakfast. If this does not ease mood swings within four weeks, the dosage may be increased up to six tablets a day.

Other Symptoms of Menopause

Like mood swings, the symptoms of menopause are linked to hormonal imbalance during perimenopause. While each woman may have different symptoms, there are some that are more common during this time.

Macafem can naturally alleviate the following symptoms: